Chancho, The Regulation, Faux Crux, Zaq Baker Quartet

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A triumvirate of Omaha bands -- Chancho, The Regulation, and Faux Crux -- are thrilled to be supporting Minnesota's only piano-driven pop/rock/theatre quartet, Zaq Baker, at Barley Street Tavern. The show begins at 9 PM and is completely free. Pull up, support new and exciting Omaha music, and show Zaq and his team a warm welcome on the first night of their summer 2019 "NO REST FOR THE NERVOUS" tour.

About the artists:

CHANCHO is a surf/math rock duo co-led by local legend Ryan Menchaca.

THE REGULATION are an alternative/indie trio who like to pull their boots up and sing some sentimental songs that got the shredding to match.

FAUX CRUX, Gabriel Jasso's newest project, lean heavily on pop styling with an alternative bent.

ZAQ BAKER leads a Twin Cities team in order to bring you a big catalogue of songs about staying up late. Vacillating between laugh-out-loud imagery and painstaking sincerity, his songs dwell on night-owl heartbreak and on growing up. His lyrics and arrangements reconcile the adolescent spirit and catchy-or-die attitude of pop-punk; the influence of songwriters of all stripes; fiercely original rock piano architecture; and a healthy amount of musical theatre. His band features Sheldon Way, Phil Riley and Andy Kallevig.

Zaq released his debut full-length album, Getting Younger, on July 21st, 2018, to all major streaming channels and select retail locations. The album is preceded by Housewarming, his breakout EP, featuring summer anthem 'Spearmint,' also streaming everywhere globally. Music video for 'Spearmint' out now.

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