Change Is A Brewin': CIAB6

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Change is a Brewin's mission is to foster excitement for local non-profits, create awareness for their causes, and promote opportunities for community involvement.

We strongly encourage you to bring your friends and invite local non-profit leaders and organizers to help spread the word of what their organizations are trying to accomplish.

5:30-6:00 pm will be time to allow attendees time to make it over from work and to grab a drink from the bar if inclined.

Tell the bartenders that you are here for the event.

At 6:00, Mitch West will be our first speaker from Men With Dreams Inc., which is Code Beer Company's spotlight organization for our event. They will be doing a $10 donation trade to MWD for a pint of beer.

Then Denise Packard with Project Homeless Connect (PHC) will be telling us about their organization and projects they have been working on.

We will then allow the group to tell us about any organizations that they are working with and upcoming events.

We will then take some time to let everyone network and chat about some possible coordinated outreach/volunteer projects we can schedule as a group.

Code will also have some giveaways, so please come out for a chance to win!

And, if you need dinner, the Roaming Tacos food truck will have you covered on that front!

Please consider attending, inviting your friends and sharing the event information! We need YOU to make these efforts successful! #CIAB #LNK

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