Christopher the Conquered Record Release Party ✦ Rothsteen ✦ Tutti Frutti

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Christopher the Conquered: In 2015, Christopher the Conquered practically turned Omaha into a second home, highlighted by his successful 5 week residency at the Sydney in December 2015 and a packed performance at O'Leavers in November. In the interim Christopher the Conquered has completed a 10 week tour of Germany and Italy and received rave reviews for his performances at South by Southwest. Now Christopher the Conquered returns to Omaha to celebrate the release of his new album.

Christopher the Conquered wants you to read between the lines. That said, he's got a damn good reason for naming his full-length debut album, I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll [Maximum Ames Records].

"I'm not referring to music," he explains. "It's the idea of Rock & Roll as a metaphor for misrepresenting yourself. Living behind a mask or a façade is not a healthy way to live. That's what I'm giving up on. People love Rock & Roll, and I love Rock & Roll. However, the person I am onstage is also the person I am offstage."

It's this sort of pure honesty that defines the album's nine tracks, and it's also why Christopher made some serious waves in 2015. The Iowa singer, songwriter, and performer has crafted a declaratory musical statement that's impossible to ignore. In the summer of 2015, he shared the stage with Natalie Prass and handed her an early copy of I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll. She in turn passed it on to Ryan Adams who took to Twitter and Instagram calling the album, "Crazy and incredible." Soon after, Christopher landed on the front page of Reddit and in Billboard as the title track and single "I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll" quickly passed 60,000 plays on Soundcloud. This properly set the stage for the album's 2016 release.


Armed with an "old soul" and an eclectic approach to music, Rothsteen's aim is to entertain. As the front man of the Nebraska based rock-n-soul band "Voodoo Method" his motto is to Leave it all on the Stage, and that's exactly what he does!

Now join him as he takes you on a journey into his latest solo project, "Moments Before", a project packed with gritty bass, amazing concept and unforgettable melodies. Forget genres, forget labels and only remember that if it feels good, DO IT! Get familiar with Rothsteen!

Tutti Frutti:

A new band consisting of Omaha music veterans. This show marks Tutti Frutti's debut live performance and trust us, you don't want to miss it!!

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