Chuck Propher and the Mission Express

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The Sunday Roadhouse Presents:

Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express

July 14 5:00 pm $17 ADV / $20 DOS

For those who perennially need their faith restored that rock 'n' roll music can be intelligent and entertaining, thoughtful and fun, Chuck Prophet comes around once a year to demonstrate that it can and does. Prophet entertains with a bemused nonchalance that belies an awesome talent. His songs - drawing equally on Blues, Country, Pop, and Soul - range from cinematic stories to sociocultural critique to confessional heartbreak, but always with a clever narrative strategy.

He's a throwback who believes two guitars, bass, drums and a sense of humor make for great music, and he's right. A reminder of how potent straightforward melodic pop/rock can be.

His emails are all aptly signed with the Mark Twain quote, "As soon as you realize it's all insane, it all makes sense".

In writing on what he was currently listening to in 2004, Stephen King (THAT Stephen King), wrote of Chuck's tune "Rise": "What does this song mean? I have no idea. But it's lovely, incantatory and mysterious. God bless Chuck Prophet."

Chuck is an artist at his zenith and not to be missed. The show is led by his searing guitar and it's no wonder that this is the man (rumor has it) that the Stones tried to entice at one time. What's not rumor is the fluid, sinuous lines emanating from Prophet's Telecaster.

"Summertime Thing" -

Hope to see you there!

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