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Rome Dailey 649 views

This show is Rated R for graphic language, adult situations and possible nudity (not likely, but ya never know when a tittie might pop out).

Chuck & Bill line up Omaha's top comics and give them a chance to perform the dirty stuff that's normally frowned upon. This show isn't about being disgusting or gross for the sake of shock value. We are a respectfully disrespectful exhibition of poorly justified morality by experts in the field of poorly justified morality.

Saturday, December 2nd, we're stealing the keys to The Backline Comedy Theater and we're bringing you a stand up comedy show that'll prompt a smoke break and a written apology afterward.

If this sounds like you something you would like, then you definitely will. If this sounds disgusting to you, we have other shows you should check out and we love ya just the same.


Rome Dailey


Andres Gamboa

Don Seager

James Lindsey

Bill Queen

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