Commit This To Memory 10 Year Anniversary Tour Motion City Soundtrack with William Beckett

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Since bursting onto the scene in the early '00s with the rollicking single "The Future Freaks Me Out", pop punk alternative rockers Motion City Soundtrack have continually impressed fans and critics alike with their shout-along hooks, punchy drums, and battling guitars. In concert frontman Justin Pierre belts out emo-tinged, tongue-in-cheek lyrics with his signature falsetto, infusing each song with raw emotion that's perfectly complemented by the band's infectious exuberance. Especially entertaining is keyboardist Jesse Johnson, who hops over his keys, cranks out the cowbell, and mans the moog synthesizer, which has become a staple of the band's sound. Known for bringing their "A" game whenever they hit the stage, Motion City Soundtrack fervently perform fan favorites like "Everything Is Alright", "L.G. FUAD" and "My Favorite Accident", and recent hits "Her Words Destroyed My Planet" and "True Romance" at their crowd-pleasing live shows. The band will be releasing their sixth studio album in early fall 2015 on Epitaph Records.

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