CounterSOUND 4: Working Man // Waning Gibbous // Guts & Bones // Misers

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CounterSOUND Edition 4

A monthly series focusing on everything noise, ambient, improvisational and experimental. A special Tuesday night edition, celebrating the brief return of Luke Polipnick's Working Man. This will be a good one y'all.

Working Man

** Three dudes who everyone in Omaha should be familiar with: Luke Polipnick who was nice enough to call us home very briefly, one of the great guitar players to pass through in my opinion. Dereck Higgins (needs no introduction) on the bass. John Evans is definitely establishing himself as a huge force on the drums in Omaha. **

Waning Gibbous

** Full moon ambient jams via of some of Omaha's finest **

Guts and Bones

** One-man improvisational drums courtesy Jon Seevers **


** Improvised soundscapes on electric guitar, amplified cello, drums **

Tuesday, March 22nd

Milk Run, 1907 Leavenworth

9 p.m., $5 at the door

Milk Run


A spot that we could run with consistent standard, a space that put music in the forefront of its mission and one that would be an...