CounterSOUND: Bus Gas // HAG // Silversphere // Ben Eisenberger+Hannah Mayer Duo

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Second iteration of Milk Run's CounterSOUND series, focusing on everything noise, ambient and experimental.

Bus Gas are a wonderful ambient group out of Omaha.

"...nobody gets close to the epic dreamscapes of the Bus Gas crew. Their gradually-widening, nuanced textural workouts have often felt like improvised songforms, a droned-out distillation of postrock guitar timbres, but deliberately improvising toward those kind of weighty triumphant meridians one finds at the climax of Godspeed or Explosions tunes."

In the winter of 1964, HAG sightings first began occurring in Omaha, NE. As the spontaneous sightings were reported in any and all wooded areas or the city, the rumors were generally dismissed by most as a hoax perpetuated by youth.


Ben Eisenberger and Hannah Mayer, both members of Omaha improvisatory quartet Misers, will perform a set of pieces by composer and fellow Misers member Phill Smith.

"...the night was ended with what I can only describe as high velocity, quasi-grindcore feedback music utilizing electric guitar and amplified cello"

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