Creative Weapon Flow Classes - Staff, Nunchucks, Fire Dancing

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Creative Weapon Flow Classes - Staff, Nunchucks, Fire Dancing

Want to learn something awesome? We take props and martial arts weapons and turn them into a creative display of skill and showmanship. Adults can also learn the art of fire dancing.

Before anything, just watch this video because this will explain everything about what I teach. Now, if you're not an adult, it won't be on fire, but it will still teach you mad skills - see the other videos below.

What is Flowtricks? It's a performance skill that has strong foundations in martial arts. Then it has been reshaped and blended with juggling, dance and circus arts. The goal is to turn your body into an expressive and impressive instrument of motion. It's incredibly fun, with many moments where you will be challenged and then break through with an "Aha" moment!

Flowtricks classes are at Mystudio Omaha (11138 Q Street) every Friday night.


8:00PM - 9:00 PM Intro to Staff Performance $15 per class


Demo of staff:

Staff performance is easy to begin, but difficult to master. We'll teach you to whirl a staff in giant circles, around your body, turns, throws and more. Watch the video above to get an idea for staff class.


9:00PM - 10:00PM Intro to Nunchaku/Nunchuck Performance- $15 per person - ALL AGES

Demo of nunchucks:

While Bruce Lee popularized this weapon, Ken Hill has simplified this weapon so anyone can learn this. He also has awesome tricks which will allow you to leave with some pretty awesome moves even with just an hour of training! I think you will love this! 27,000 Youtube subscribers can't go wrong!


10:00PM+ Fire Dancing / Fire Spinning $5 to spin fire


Before participating, you'll need to take a fire dancing safety class. Watch the art of fire dancing. This class is taught by a seasoned veteran that helped to start the fire movement in Omaha whose career depends on safety and showmanship. If you come to watch, we encourage you to leave a little tip and cheer the new students on. We will eventually turn these into performances!


If you're looking to take both classes each week, buy a month package (that's 8 lessons) for $100. That's 18% off!

Why learn it?

- Keeps your sharp and in shape.

- Creative outlet: A positive outlet allows you to get your emotions out while creating a healthy, more empowered you.

- Creates opportunities: Not only can this help get you in shape and stay sharpened, you can also use this to perform in front of crowds, family, friends. Martial artists use these to gain advantage in creative weapon demos (and quite a few have taken home first place). I perform this art professionally in a circus and can share with you the style that has given me these opportunities.

- Looks awesome: Ninja flow looks incredible, like watching a high energy martial arts movie. You can use training weapons, or upgrade it to glowing weapons. For adults, we will also be teaching fire dancing - spinning nunchucks, staff, swords on fire.

- Unique: This skill is very unique and impressive.

About the Instructor:

Ken Hill, the instructor, works for a cirque group (Quixotic) and has also scored auditions to America's Got Talent and Cirque Du Soleil. He was a martial arts instructor but has now turned into a performance artist. He is one of the most experienced fire dancers in the midwest and also a world leader in the art of fire nunchucks.

He has showcased his style all across the US and beyond, runs an annual retreat in Costa Rica, and is considered one of the worldwide leaders of this art form - with a Youtube channel of almost 4 million views and 28,000 subscribers. He helped to create the fire movement in Omaha nearly 10 years ago.

Learn more about this instructor here:

Take the leap and learn something new.

Inner Ninja.


*Photo courtesy of Quixotic

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Flowtricks - Circus, Fire Dancing, Creative Weapons Classes and Performance


Want to learn something awesome? We take props and martial arts weapons and turn them into a creative display of skill and showmanship....