Cunningham's Pub St Pats

Jacob Christoffersen 49 views

Cunningham's is going all out for St Pats.

Tons of prizes including

12:00-1pm- Cunningham's Beer Kit
1-2pm- Mixed Grab Bag
2-3pm- Mixed Grab Bag
3-4pm- Redbreast Tin
4-5pm- Jameson Drinking Kit
5-6pm- Zipline Beer Kit
6-7pm- Jameson Ring Toss (pictured)
7-8pm- Bushmills Mirror
8-9pm- Guinness Turkey Fryer
9-10pm- Mixed Grab Bag


Cunningham's Pub and Grill

(402) 934-4385

Cunninghams Pub and Grill was founded in 2010 by Guy and Imogene Richards. Named after Imo’s mother Inez Cunningham, and operated...