Daniel And The Deliverance

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Bluegrass is an American art-form that is steeped in tradition. Songs are passed down from generation to generation, to tell great long lost stories with morals reaching to today. Bluegrass pickers spend hours practicing runs and melodies of songs to do them just right.

So anyway ....most of our repertoire ignores all of that, and we play mostly the hits of the 1980's. We call our selves bluegrass-ish and we pay respect the bluegrass legends Bill Monroe and Earl Scruggs, but also the pop ingenuity of: The Cure, Paul Simon, U2, Ahha, and so much more.

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Dubliner Pub

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If you can't get to Dublin to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, there's a little piece of Ireland nestled underground at 1205 Harney Street...