Dead Mockingbirds // The New Rosenbergs // Little Ripple

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Dead Mockingbirds (Dallas, TX)

Dead Mockingbirds rock and roll the nails out of the walls. Influences may be placed upon them, but simply put: they're loud, wild, and a lot of fun. They hit like a summer in Dallas: hot and sweaty. Riffs hang heavy like a wet flag, sticking to the side of your mind and will have you humming hooks for days. A. MUST. SEE.

The New Rosenbergs

Hi. We're The New Rosenbergs. We're a lo-fi punk duo from Omaha. We have five songs. Call us if you need a 10 minute slot filled at your DIY space.

Little Ripple

Ameen Wahba & Friends

9pm show


all ages

Milk Run


A spot that we could run with consistent standard, a space that put music in the forefront of its mission and one that would be an...