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Unlike most bands-and especially most hardcore bands-Boston's Defeater don't write songs so much as they write histories, and specifically the history of a never-named New Jersey family whose already troubled lives disintegrate into torment, rendered all the more tragic for the depth and detail of singer Derek Archambault's lyrics. And their latest and Epitaph Records debut Abandoned-recorded earlier this year at guitarist Jay Maas'studio, with drummer Joe Longobardi, bassist Mike Poulin and guitarist Jake Woodruff-is the most relentlessly raw and uncompromising chapter so far, powered by a renewed sense of artistic ambition and a plot twist no one could have expected.

Their debut Travels started the story with the younger brother, a lifelong misfit forced to kill his father in defense of his mother, and forced to live with the consequences no matter how far he runs. Sophomore albumEmpty Days followed the older brother, dazed from the death of his father and fighting as his life dissolves into drinking and debt. And most recent album Letters Home was an surprisingly compassionate look at the father and his experiences overseas in World War II, presented in a reverse-chronological order that transformed the monster from Travels back into the man he once was.

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