Denise Howe

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As long as I can remember, I've enjoyed performing for audiences. Even as a child my siblings and I would entertain our parents and neighborhood friends by putting on skits. Back then the only instrument we had on hand was my mother's piano accordion so that was my instrument of choice! As a young adult I picked up a guitar and have not looked back! Since that time I've played in local and regional bands of different genres. I've had the honor of opening for numerous national acts, and have been thrilled to meet many of them on a personal level. In all my time spent onstage, the newness and excitement of performing has never worn off. It is my hope that this passion for playing and singing is evident for you in my performances....​

Denise Howe and Anthony's Steakhouse invites you out to join us for an evening of great music, food, drinks, and fun.

Ozone Lounge


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