Didi with The Morbs, The Way Out, & Crypt Kid at Reverb Lounge

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with The Morbs, The Way Out, & Crypt Kid

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What's in a name? For Columbus's didi, it carries quite a lot of cachet. The path to giving the quartet a moniker was just as much of a panoply of creative inspiration as their music suggests. It started with guitarist and vocalist Meg Zakany suggesting the name based simply on aesthetics and the syllabic repetition-a lowercased nod to e. e. cummings or an endless chant. The cosmos aligned when bassist Leslie Shimizu revealed that didi was how she addressed her beloved grandmother. Further research will tell you didi is also Hindu for "sister" and "younger brother" in Chinese. It makes complete sense, as didi commiserate as a non-nuclear family both on stage and in conversation. It's that same familial confluence of four distinct personalities (including guitarist Kevin Bilapka-Arbelaez and drummer Shenna McGrath) that formed their blissfully shoegazing sound. Though didi's origins start at VVK, a campus house that hosts a bevy of under-the-radar shows with the splintering handful of other trenchant and spartan bands, they abandoned their punk sound in favor of a particularly nostalgic '90s vibe. Think The Breeders doing a prismatic deconstruction of Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation.

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