Digital Sick Kids w/ The Madness Apparatus, Galvanized Tron, Topic & Dawcyclops of PCS, Dark Reign and bIXill

Sarah Cooper 37 views

Live art creations by Liz Martinez, Stephen Kavanaugh, Ashlee Boyce and Shawn Freed.


DIGITAL SICK KIDS exists though a long-time friendship. Both seasoned contributors to the Omaha music scene with a mutual appreciation for Hip-Hop culture, Fonzo honed in his abilities as a lyricist and emcee while Madix put his audio engineering skills to work as a beat maker and producer. Both inspired by the elevated wordplay skills of battle rap and “A whole lot of Genre-bending Hip-Hop you’ve never heard before on the radio”, DSK can go from the grimiest, shaking beats and verses to serious and personal heart bar tracks effortlessly. Their live show is something to experience outside of their recordings! Featuring live turntablism, light shows and plenty of audible extras!

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Reverb Lounge


Located in the heart of Benson, Reverb is a welcome addition to the list of venues in Omaha. With a state-of-the-art sound and lighting...