Dirty Dishes // Every Goddess Wanted // The Shrinks (FIRST SHOW) // Big Slur

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Dirty Dishes

Every Goddess Wanted

The Shrinks (FIRST SHOW)

Big Slur

Sunday, Feb. 21st

Milk Run, 1907 Leavenworth

9 p.m., $5 at the door

Dirty Dishes!!



Dirty Dishes is the latest NYC-based, Boston bred band to come out with a mix of punchy, feedback-drenched anthems that would make the ghosts of the 90s proud. The band formed fortuitously when singer/guitarist Jenny Tuite had her shoes puked on at a party one night by then-stranger & synth/bassist Alex Molini. They put the shoe/vomit thing aside & formed a band together. Dirty Dishes' brand new LP Guilty brings forth the band's most mature and versatile sound yet: Side A packed with fuzzed out punchy rock tunes; side B dripping with trippy ambient sonic wonderment. Guilty is a welcome return from a great band that is primed for a big impact. Their sound is as destructive and haunting as it is captivating and sonically rich.

Every Goddess Wanted


The brainchild of two lazy Nebraska natives, EGW harnesses its strength through the exploitation of lascivious and degenerate men from the Omaha and surrounding areas. All Craigslist post responses performed verbatim. Bring a change of underwear.

The Shrinks



sad drunk half goths

Big Slur

Big Slur is a set of technical limitations: a drum machine, a mic, and a monome running The Party Van. Whatever happens happens.

Milk Run


A spot that we could run with consistent standard, a space that put music in the forefront of its mission and one that would be an...