Dirty Talker / Vampyre (austin) / Church of Gravitron

Lallaya Lalley 975 views

Vampyre's quick, propulsive set served up frenetic hardcore, a crushing and chaotic tsunami of noise. Brandon Brooker delivers his feverish, poetic lyrics like sermons preceding the apocalypse, brazen with confidence. Throwing himself into a crowd and inciting chaos from kids knocking into each other, Brooker had to holler himself hoarse to be heard over the cacophony of Zachary Parker Ingram's shattering basslines and Bryan Davis' hard, fast drums.



Dirty Talker (Lincoln)


Chirch of Gravitron




Brothers Lounge

(402) 558-4096

Brothers Lounge has long been known as one of the BEST neighborhood bars in town. Their all punk / underground jukebox captures music...