Disorderly Conduct & Player Dee present: We All Stars: Omaha Hip-Hop Then and Now with Citoe, P.C.G., Disorderly Conduct, L Macn, Rocky, Flow EZ, Trump Tight, Pocket Pete, Toot, Player Dee & Hosted by Houston Alexander

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The One's who started it all. Legendary Omaha Hip-Hop Artists come together for one night. These artists laid the foundation for future Omaha Hip hop. Paying tribute to Ms. Leola for her many years of supporting the local hip-hop and rap scene. Allowing artists to bring in their latest project to be displayed at the front counter with all the heavy hitters. Located across from Sugar Hill on 56th and Ames , Leola's was the place to go to get the latest hip-hop/rap tapes and CD's. Ms. Leola helped launch Full Clip, Pocket Pete & Freddy Dead, Lon Mac, Trumptight, Doehza Mac N' and many more. Leola's was the Facebook, twitter, itunes.

Don't miss the opportunity to see all of these artists in one place and at one time again

Omaha Hip-Hop, Past, Present, Future

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