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Dance My F**King A** Off is our Customer Appreciation day that consists of everything worth celebrating = You!

Consider it a special tribute to yourself for surviving the work week. You are invited to join us every Friday to dance your tush off with our fun & amazing team of intoxicologists.

This week DJ JPEG will be on the decks to make sure you #DMFAO

Ladies are FREE before midnight! After that it’s only $5, but you get a complimentary drink ticket to help you DMFAO.

Guys are $5 all night with the same customer appreciation drink ticket. We will be rocking our happy hour until 11pm with $2.25 Domestic Beer, $3.50 Craft or Import Beers $4 Sangria and HOUSE LIME MARGARITAS FOR ONLY $1.

All night long there will be $3 Fireball and $4 Party Bombers 



Rehab is West Omaha's premier dance destination. If you're looking for a top-notch night at a top-notch club Rehab is the...