Dolores Diaz And The Standby Club w/ Icky Blossoms, High Up

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A Benefit For Immigration & Arts Advocacy in Omaha

Doors at 6:00pm

Main Room


All ages show. Check entry requirements at

Justice For Our Neighbors-Nebraska and The Nebraska Cultural Endowment advocate, support, and provide community services throughout Omaha. Their budgets and efforts within our city may be greatly affected during the coming months and years. With this in mind, several Omaha musicians and friends decided to organize a benefit to support these two important organizations.

Country cover band Dolores Diaz and The Standby Club, formed by Corrina Figueroa and Conor Oberst, Omaha standout Icky Blossoms, and punk soul powerhouse High Up will join speakers Emiliano Lerda of Justice For Our Neighbors, and Marian Fey of The Nebraska Cultural Endowment for an evening to benefit immigration and arts advocacy.

All proceeds from ticket sales and a raffle of items donated by local businesses and organizations will be donated equally to Justice For Our Neighbors and The Nebraska Cultural Endowment.

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