Eric in Outerspace

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A heavy pop and garage rock band, Eric in Outerspace is described as having "a taste for lo-fi fuzz and guitars conversely hopped up on melodies."

The group has four albums including, "Ten Songs 'Til Lift Off," released in 2010; "Secret Summer," released in 2013, "Backseat Surfin'," released in March 2015; and most recently "Later Days," released in July 2018.

Hear Nebraska said about Eric in Outerspace, "The growth of the band is announced immediately with the record's ('Secret Summer') first track, 'Gee See,' and a melodic dueling of electric guitars. ... Age noted, we're ready for Eric In Outerspace's next step. The launch is in progress and looks promising, but we want Eric to transcend the stratosphere soon."

Band members include lead guitarist Ross Negrete, drummer Mick Ridgway, bassist Michael Laughlin and Sean Paul on guitar and vocals.

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