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Founded by Cristobal Oquendo and Antonio Betanzos in Omaha, Nebraska, we are a diverse group of local musicians. Our percussionists, Cristobal Oquendo (Congas), Tomas Morales (Timbales), and Antonio Betanzos (Bongoes), have roots in Puerto Rico, Panama, and Cuba respectively. Jon Burlingham Sr. (Trombone), Jon Burlingham Jr. (Trombone), Doyle Tipler (Trumpet), Marcus Nunez (Trumpet), and Chris Cotignola (Saxophone) form our horn section. Tom Harvill (Keyboard) and Paige Garcia­Vogel (Double­Bass) form our rhythm section. Vocals are provided by Alex Sanchez and Hernan Chacin, both originally from Venezuela, whose chemistry on stage is priceless, adding subtle humor to the already rich entertainment value of the music. If you are not dancing, you are most likely smiling. This is our core group of musicians, sometimes complemented by special guests that join us on occasion.

Within the music genre popularly referred to as "Salsa", there is a variety of traditions like Son, Mambo, Bembe, and Guaguanco. Our music preserves and celebrates this rich music culture that remains one of the most internationally popular genres around the world. Ours is a unifying music, exemplified in the diversity of our group and of the fans who come to our performances. In Omaha, we are preceded by visiting artists like Poncho Sanchez, Conjunto Chappottin Y Sus Estrellas, Fania All Stars, and others who have played for packed houses and full lawns. Now, that same enthusiasm for this music genre has a home in Omaha. We are happy to share the best live Salsa of the Midwest with our hometown and beyond. We look forward to

a bright future of celebrating this music and making even the most reluctant listeners get up and move!

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