Faded, Attic Light, Stonebelly

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Faded: Born out of the combination of a cyclops, a mustache, and a bolt of lightning, Faded is a reggae/rock band that will soothe your anxiety and calm your rough waters...

Attic Light: (Kansas City). Attic Light is known for their vigorous and eccentric live performances which have made the rock band a distinct presence in the Midwest. After the release of their self-produced debut EP, Different Shades of Black, the band spent months touring the Midwest, performing at many prominent venues, regional radio stations, television programs, and appearing in publications such as The Pitch, Deli Magazine, and The Examiner.

The band recently traveled from Kansas City to Nashville to begin work on their follow-up record with producer Dohse. "We could not have created something like this if we hadn't gone to Nashville and worked with the team we did. We immersed ourselves in the process, experimented with new sounds, and I think it comes through in the songs," says guitarist Michael Pittman.

In collaboration with AGD Entertainment, Attic Light is currently preparing a multi-media campaign and tour in anticipation of the album's upcoming release. So, whether it's the stimulating fusion of rock and dance or their infectious live energy, brace yourself for the Attic Light frenzy.

Stonebelly: An Original blend of Rock, Blues, Reggae, and Psychedelia.

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