Fantasy Nerd Roast Presents: Halloween vs. Christmas at Reverb

Sarah Cooper 130 views

The Fantasy Nerd Roast is back, now at Reverb Lounge. This time we're celebrating the holidays by watching Halloween and Christmas characters make fun of each other on stage. No cover, but supplies (toiletries/food) and monetary donations are being collected for the Women's Center for Advancement. This is always a fun time and a great way to show Omaha's generosity.

Hosted by Jack Skellington (Doug Rothgeb)


Frankenstein's Monster (Matt Johnson)

Casper (Dan Schmitt)

Regan MacNeil (Rachel Ware)

Sanderson Sisters (Alisha Palagi, Michelle Yeaman, Stacy Thorton)

Michael Jackson (Ryan de la Garza)

Cthulhu (Andrew Newton)


George Bailey/Clarence Odbody (Sean Flaherty/Mike Vamosi)

Ebeneezer Scrooge (Will Dougherty)

Buddy the Elf (Brian Eckelberry)

Krusty the Clown (Brandon Cordes)

Marv Marv Merchants/Harry Lime (Dan Vaughn/Jimmy Putnam)

Gizmo (Matt Van Epps)

Reverb Lounge


Located in the heart of Benson, Reverb is a welcome addition to the list of venues in Omaha. With a state-of-the-art sound and lighting...