Farewell My Love (AZ) / Famous Last Words (MI) / SycAmour (MI) / It Lives, It Breathes (RI) / King Me / We Are @ the Hideout

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• • • Farewell, My Love - pop/rock/screamo from AZ • • •

Farewell, My Love has arrived carrying the torch aloft for a new generation hungry for the power, energy and magnetic combustibility inherent in the best rock. The five young men of Farewell, My Love have come together to share their individual hardships, triumphs and passions through a collective vehicle. They've taken the sum total of the lives they've lived thus far and fashioned them into a unique weapon to hand over to their audiences for the mutual uplifting of all involved.

Ryan Howell's intense and diverse vocals sit atop the heavy, precise and melodic guitar work of Röbby Creasey and Logan Thayer, all ably backed by the percussive but tasteful rhythm section of bassist Charlee Conley and drummer Chad Kowal. Additional instrumentation, including string arrangements and bells, bolster the band's guitar-driven rock, adding to the artistic atmosphere on display throughout.

A band with many dimensions from their music, to their lyrics, their stage show, their videos, their image and their concepts, Farewell, My Love present true emotion, authentic passion and pour their hearts and souls into everything they do. Farewell, My Love aspires to nothing less than to be a hill of hope in the flood of life.


• • • Famous Last Words post-hardcore/metal from MI • • •

Hailing from Petoskey, Michigan yet operating out of the greater Detroit area, hard-hitting post-rock/screamo/metalcore quintet Famous Last Words is built around the talents of vocalist JT, guitarist Tyler Myklebust, lead guitarist Ethan Osborn, drummer Craig Simons, and bassist Jesse Maddy. The group secured a small but loyal regional fan base upon releasing their debut EP, Pick Your Poison, a base that grew exponentially with the release of Two-Faced Charade, their full-length studio debut for Ohio-based InVogue Records.


• • • SycAmour - punk/hardcore/metal/pop from MI • • •

The textbook answer of where SycAmour calls home - that, once upon a time five years ago, singer Jeremy Gilmore joined a few teen musicians on the hunt for a vocalist in the

same Ann Arbor, Michigan neighborhood, naming the band as a play-on-words of "sick love" - is a good place to start, but to grasp the intricacies of the band, you'd have to visit their residence in The Heartwood.

Defined literally as the centermost layer within a tree's trunk, The Heartwood is the narrative space where Gilmore and the rest of SycAmour - vocalist Tony Sugent, guitarist Zack Ferrell, bassist Charlie McCormick, and drummer Victor Yusof - spin their songs, all intertwined through an overarching story, a kind-of cousin to the efforts of Coheed and Cambria.

"In the greater mythos, 'The Heartwood is donned by a rebel movement that acts out against an oppressive regime," Gilmore explains.


• • It Lives, It Breathes post-hardcore/electronic from RI • •


• • • King Me - post hardcore from Omaha • • •

The music of King Me is the sound of hope, strength, and passion delivered by a dedicated group of teenagers for something greater than the world around them. King Me is a call to those who insist on bettering themselves, their loved ones, and the conditions afflicting the world. The meaning behind King Me is to build you up and make yourself stronger. You should do what you want and what makes you happy instead of letting corrupt leaders rule and others telling you what to do with your life and who to be. King Me tries to show that it does not matter what other people think of you, what matters is that you are happy. It is your life, not anyone else's, so live YOUR life YOUR way.


• • • We Are - Omaha Rock / post-rock

We Are a rock band from Omaha, Nebraska. We Are playing tunes we enjoy. We Are doing this for fun.


ALL AGES SHOW* • 7:30 PM • $13 advance / $15 day of

(*under 18 require notarized parental permission slip due to Omaha city ordinance)

get tickets here: http://crypttouromaha.brownpapertickets.com/

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