Fashion Gala Events Fall Show 2015

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"Fashion Gala focus' on providing the opportunity for designers to express themselves through the canvas of their models while networking with other local and international designers, giving them a giant boost for success!"

We welcome you to join us as we showcase some of the finest designers we've encountered at our first ever Fashion Gala Event. Here you will see a variety of fashion genre including formalwear, eveningwear, avant garde, vintage, as well as activewear that will be sure to satisfy every wardrobe desire. Fashion Gala Events LLC focus' on providing an opportunity for designers to express their origionality through the canvas of their models. We believe that every artist whether it be hair, makeup, jewelry, footwear, couture garments,etc.. work really hard for that moment in the spotlight where they can be creative and open with their ideas. Think of it this way, a fashion show to a designer is that of an art exhibit to a painter. It doesn't have to make sense to the person viewing and thats what makes the outcome of the canvas more interestin, not knowing what to expect. Thanks for supporting our artists, we look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy the show!

DJ Lucky I Am, Los Angeles CA.

Plain and simple, DJ LUCKY I AM has been djing for over 16 years. Since landing his first club gig in 1999 he has built up an impressive resume that includes residencies and guest spots at some of Hollywood's and Inland Empire's most prestigious clubs. He is currently traveling and playing from the I.E, to Los Angeles, kansas City,Houston, and 12 other states

Now in Denver, as well as preforming for mix radio shows around southern California. Passionate about music for as long as he can remember, he was influenced by multiple music styles that have created a soulful Hip-Hop and Electro sound, both in and out of the studio. The creative process is evident in all of his work, with a good mixture of blending techniques coupled with a natural ear for harmonic blending. Music genres that helped form his unique talent and made him who he is today; Hip-Hop, House, Old School, Dance, Trance, and Indie..Lucky is Working with MTV to promote and cover the rapidly growing music scene in Denver CO. Embedded, armed with a camera crew, he is making his way, party to party, finding new or unique sounds and events to show the world on MTV.

Holland Performing Arts Center

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The Holland Performing Arts Center offers crisp, urban modernism inside and out. With bold European design and finely engineered...