Fever & The Funkhouse

Sarah Cooper 529 views

Fever baby, fever... Truer words were never spoken or felt, but feel you will. The Fever that is, with thumping and pumping bass. Crazy sex guitar and the most funktified drums and vocals this side of James Brown's grave. With the great one from the Amazon, Kyle, the grandmaster or soul, Brett, the big bottom provided by Jumpin' Jeff, the sweet swagger of Sara-B-Badd and the searing skin thumps of the Patrick, 'the Lithuanian God of Thunder'. Fever and the Funkhouse will leave the men breathless and the women with no inhibitions. So check it out but beware. The Funkhouse's highly combustible blend of Funk, Soul and Rock, might be more than anyone can handle.

Bogie's Bar and Grill (West Omaha)

(402) 281-4031

We're very excited for our second location, Bogie's Bar & Grill - West!