Flaural w/ A Moving Fox Opera

Abigail Gentrup 613 views

9pm. $5. 21+



A Moving Fox Opera:


Denver- based Quartet Flaural is a is a contemporary blend of new wave, shoegaze, and psych pop. Derived from previous projects, A Band In Pictures, Bloodhound, and Shady Elders, the band consists of Singer and multi-instrumentalist Collin Johnson, Guitarist Noah Pfaff, Drummer Nick Berlin, and Multi-instrumentalist Connor Birch. Formed in the Spring of 2015, Flaural employs traditional Rock instruments with a modern fare of abstract Synth and Guitar tones, driving 'kraut-y' drum grooves, and introspective lyrics and vocals.

"Combining out-of-the-box psychedelic elements, drenched in reverb and glistening guitars, Flaural is buoyant and introspective. Flaural make great use of their predecessors techniques to develop a contemporary sound that is hypnotic and soothing. Although the group is a young one, having formed in early 2015, the concept for [the 'Thin King'] EP is polished, cohesive and sets a solid ground of potential. 'Thin King' EP is slated for release Nov. 5." - Indie Rock Reviews, LA

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