Foeign Body w/ Thinkin Machines, and Tender Wilderness

Donny Dollinger 44 views

Foreign Body is an alternative rock band from Omaha, Nebraska. The group's six members have a storied history within Omaha's music scene, such collective history informs their current musical output. Influences for this project range from freak folk to pop rock, from Bessie Smith to Bach, these elements swirl within Foreign Body's sonic meringue, a melodic blend of ambient textures and bombast.

Tenderness Wilderness is a band from Omaha, NE. Made up of three brothers Kevin, Mikey, and Pat Kelly, along with good friends Matt Hames, Anna Finocchiaro and Ben Volkman. They have been at it together for almost 8 years trying to find their sound. The culmination of their past experiences and solo projects like The Early Timers, have brought them back to Omaha with a fresh, confident sound that is now referred to as Tenderness Wilderness.

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