For Trac: A Night of Music & Poetry | 12.29.16

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For Trac: A Night of Music & Poetry is a special event at The Down Under Lounge for the benefit of Trac Schacht, a talented poet and educator. Trac is in need of new prosthetic leg, which can be very costly. The $5 cover for this event, and any additional donations, will go to Trac to help her maintain her mobility. We have some great musicians and poets lined up, and this is going to be a great night of mixed entertainment.


Gina Morong

MrDame Poetry Cardwell

Ben McFarland

Trac Schacht

Adam Baldus

Adam Peterson


Aly Peeler - Soulful soul full of soul

The Ragabonds - Funky til it hurts

Benjamin Baldwin - Yes, I put myself on this :)

21+, $5 cover

Please also check out Trac's funding site at:

In Trac's words:

"Hi! I'm Traci Schacht, an above knee amputee in Omaha, Ne. I had a car accident in 2007 which caused me to need well over 50 surgeries as we tried to save my leg. It was saved, but at the cost of activities I loved doing. I eventually asked for and received an amputation. In 2010, I became a below knee amputee, hiking, kayaking, activities I loved were once again back. Unfortunately, I had a non-union fracture in my knee and it broke. They tried a knee replacement which hadn't been done on a below knee amputee. It was successful, except a vein wasn't closed correctly and 2 days before it was to be fixed, I had a severe seizure, causing the knee to bust out and for my quads to tear from my bone. They tried to reattach my quads and fix the knee, but, unsuccessfully. In 2012, after a year of fighting infections and more surgeries, I became an above knee amputee. Unexpected great things happened. I became friends with my ambulance driver and he suggested I try writing poetry. Thanks to his encouragement and many others in and around Omaha, I am now a spoken word artist. I do spoken word at various venues. I coach 2 high school Slam Poetry teams for the Nebraska Writers Collective and am a Traveling Artist for Poetry Out Loud for the Nebraska Arts Council. I am also fortunate to be able to meet with other amputees who are struggling and help them through the mental process of acceptance and learning to love the changes to your body. As well as show them through my example and others, what is possible as an above knee amputee. The reason for this fundraiser is that my really cool leg no longer works and soon, the hydraulics will have given out completely. The co-pay, including liners and the necessary physical therapy sessions to learn the uses of the new knee is $15,000. I would appreciate any help you can give. My new leg not only will allow for me to continue being able to walk my two dogs, Jack & Bruce, do the activities I enjoy, it will also help me to continue my work with other amputees as well as going forth with the plans to expand the amputee support work. I have been given an amazing life since my accident and losing my leg. One I never imagined possible and I was living an exciting one before the accident. It is due to all that have held my hand through all of this. Again, thank you so much for reading a snippet of my story and helping out in any way that you can." - Traci

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