Free 4th of July O' Leaver's Ice Cream Social w/ Pinkwash ✦ Hussies ✦ Big Slur

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21+ FREE 4pm O' Leaver's 4th of July Social!!

Free Ice Cream Bar O' Leaver's style!!!


PINKWASH: With the release of their full-length on Don Giovanni Records, the band showcases their hypnotic mathy metal riffs and tight punishing drumming.

The powerful delivery of the vocals "from a high-pitched scream, on the verge of cutting out, to a strong-trained melody" is one of a kind, undeniably unique. And that's a good way to describe the music itself, easy to make comparisons, but all the explanations of Fugazi-like angularity, early At the Drive-In vibes, and the, daresay,"post-hardcore" feel don't encompass the sound that is PINKWASH.


Big Slur: Big Slur is a set of technical limitations: a drum machine, a mic, and a monome running The Party Van. Whatever happens happens.

O'Leaver's Pub

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