Friday Night Word Fights

Rome Dailey 322 views

The Omaha Comedy Roast Battle!!!

With pride in their hearts and malice on their tongue..

Local comedians are given 1 MONTH to prepare 5 structured roast jokes and a bunch of comebacks.

You can appreciate a slick burn?

You GREW UP roasting at school?

You want to be the in next WORD FIGHT?

US TOO! Save some scratch and reserve online.

Each battle is decided by crowd applause...

'8 Mile' Style but Wink's punk ass isn't invited.


Caleb Salvatore vs. Nate Prusia

Ty Ingram vs. Ben Web

Don Seager vs. Tyler Anson

Don Seager vs. Betsy Miller

$5 online. $7 at the door.

Insult Comedy.

Cheap Tickets.

Roast Jokes Welcome.

Buy Tickets

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