Get Dead / Destroy Nate Allen (solo) / Trashbag Ponchos / Not Ben Shin at The Sydney

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GET DEAD - There aren't a lot of bands like Get Dead around these days. Instead of worrying about gimmicks and trends, this fivesome from San Francisco, California have always focused on the music and that's evident with every passion-filled note they play. Get Dead started out performing together in 2007 after their respective bands called it quits and eventually attracted the attention of NOFX frontman Fat Mike who produced the band's first full-length, "Bad News", as well as their new full-length, "Honesty Lives Elsewhere", and released both records on his label Fat Wreck Chords.

Destroy Nate Allen (solo) - There's very little that's typical about folk-punk duo, Destroy Nate Allen. It's not just their unique blend of folk, punk rock, campfire songs and foot-stomping country jams that set them apart; it's their live performances-which are unlike any other bands' out there. Since Destroy Nate Allen are trailblazers in a category of their own, they are often left doing everything themselves-including booking tours, promotion, recording albums. They do it all! Being so thoroughly independent has afforded them the freedom to grow and change in ways that has preserved their unwavering uniqueness, something they are extremely proud of.

Trashbag Ponchos -

To start the year in 2016, Andreas Miles and Cole Juckette were looking to further their musical endeavors with a couple other folks. However, after an assassination attempt against Cole, they deemed it best to start a new path in life. Joining forces with their two best friends and roommates, Luke Glassman and Eric Larson, and the effects of lots of craft beer, they created the supergroup Trashbag Ponchos. TBP seem on the verge of not only breaking into the world of folk-punk, but in tearing down the standard music industry in general. Personal, silly, and often rather confusing lyrics, with energetic, and simple music, Trashbag Ponchos are so punk, that punk will wish it was dead again.

Not Ben Shin - acoustic / folk / punk

$10 - 9 PM - 21+ show

The Sydney

(402) 932-9262

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