Gracie Curran & the High Falutin' Band

Jacob Christoffersen 51 views

First of all, Gracie can sing! She has a powerful blues voice and that in itself is a wonderful thing. She also has a great band. But more than that, there is Gracie herself. She's a curvy woman with a big personality. As the guy sitting next to us yelled to me, "She could have her own stand-up act and you can quote me on that!" (He said I could also quote him on "Hell Yeah!")

I agree completely. Curran seems to be effortlessly funny. She is completely natural on stage. And she can move! She was in constant motion, shaking her hips and throwing her hands in the air, turning around to face the window and dance for the people on the front porch, expressing pure joy with her whole body. She also talked to the packed room as though she were entertaining friends in her living room, asking if her mascara was running and if the people at the front table were going to finish their food, talking directly to the audience and making eye contact.

Of course, to be a blues professional you have to be able to sell a song, and Curran can do that. You need a great backuup band, and she has that. But you need to be able to connect to the audience most of all, and Curran seems to do that as easily as she breathes.

Make sure you don't miss Gracie Curran and the High-Falutin' Band when you have the chance to see them. And check out her website for her brand-new band t-shirts and debut album!"