Green Fairy :: Roaring 20's Soirée

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► The transformative 1920's party is back! ◀︎

► With a new format & a new feel! ◀︎

Charleston dance circles chaotically erupt. Pop-up displays of burlesque & cabaret occur throughout the nightclub. Bubbly champagne, real-deal absinthe, and pre-Prohibition cocktails pour freely. And at the center is you and your party, donning stylish retro attire, melding into a roaring 20's electro-swing dance soirée.

☞☛➲➤ Pop-Up Cabaret & Burlesque from Hot Tail Honeys

➤ Absinthe Fountain & Pre-Prohibition Cocktails

➤ Most Stylish Attire Contest

➤ Absinthe Tasting & History @ 9pm

➤ Electro-Swing & Gypsy Beat Dance Party w/DJ Animale

➤ $7 entry

➤ Email for table reservations

---- Dress the Part! ----

➤ Rent your outfit from Fairytale Costumes & get 15% off the price when you mention "Green Fairy."

More info:

➤ Attire themes we highly encourage :::

Roaring 20's ┋Bohemia ┋Cancan ┋Diva ┋

Gigolo┋Glamor┋Mafia┋Moulin Rouge┋

Steam punk ┋Vaudeville

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