Harold Hour (Improv)*

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Harold Hour (Improv)*

Twice a month, see both Backline House Harold teams perform together! They will be performing the 'Harold' which is the basic longform improv structure taught at all major schools across the nation. These structures are just a skeletal structure encouraging callbacks and connecting ideas.We've got 19 beers, ciders, and hard sodas!

Laughter Birth

Annalise Anderson, Chris Bottum, Chris Chocolaad, Delaney Sweet, Fred Lenza, Joe Campisi, Karl Houser, Trish Sullivan

Stepchildren of the Corn

Brooke Barsell, Daniel Stokes, Jessica Freeman, Juli Wians, Maggie Hinrichs, Mark Haugen, Matt Johnson

Tickets are $3 per person

Backline Comedy Club

The only improv school in Nebraska, and our venue has shows every Thursday-Sunday night, class the rest of the week. We teach long-form...