Harold Hour

Sarah Cooper 327 views

At 9pm, check out two of Backline's three house teams, and they're all Harolds! A Harold is the basic learning structure in long-form improv taught at all the largest schools. Our Harolds are unlike anywhere else in the nation though, as they each use the loose template of a Harold to add their own distinct styles, respectively.

'Cage-Free: An Organic Harold' is a completely organic Harold, where the entire show is affected by the suggestion given at the top of the show. No two opening wills ever be the same.

Andrew Newton, Cory Starman, Lindsey Theis, Mike Smith, Michael Johnson, Tina Huynh, Toby Gastler, Todd Dylan

'The Sitcom' gets your suggestion as the name of their sitcom, then create an opening theme song to their show, as well as commercial breaks.

Anthony Mainor, Elissa Ami, Jon Herman, Nick Rowley, Price Comstock, Rachel Ware, Tracie Mauk

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