Harouki Zombi : An Aradian Exorcism

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Once we knew we were closing at the end of the year, we knew we had to talk Orenda & Nina into digging up this bizarre & wild party one more time. So here we are, doing this VERY rare & special Harouki Zombi thing one last time!

► Orenda Fink (Azure Ray, O+S.) & Nina Barnes (of Montreal, the

Apollinaire Rave Art Collective) perform Harouki Zombi, a neo pathetic cabaret dance party

► Open DJ set from Todd Fink of The Faint & closing set from Cult Play!

► $7 cover / 21+

► $3 wells 9-10pm

► table reservations, sarah@houseofloom.com

//// Harouki Zombi Bio ////

Harouki Zombi is the brainchild of Nina Barnes (of Montreal, the

Apollinaire Rave Art Collective) and Orenda Fink (Azure Ray, O+S.) One part carefully curated DJ set (including original material), one part stunning visuals from Nina Barnes, and one part performance art- Harouki Zombi is a hedonistic celebration of all life's earthly delights.

After spending a vinho verde fueled year together in Athens, Georgia, Nina and Orenda found that they shared certain affinities for life, love and decadence. While watching Orenda's husband, Todd Fink (The Faint, Depressed Buttons) DJ on Orenda and Todd's last night in town, Orenda turned to Nina and said "Let's DJ together." Nina said, "Yes, but let's make it really strange." Self described as a "neo-pathetic cabaret" their performances are true collaboration, reveling in the dark and the light of the female "condition."

"After a long hiatus, Harouki Zombi is rising from the ashes for our good friends at House of Loom! New look, new music, visuals and of course a new us as we are never the same people we were yesterday. We are calling this show: 'Aradian Exorcism' and have some very exciting guest performers! See you soon, Omaha!"

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