Hear Nebraska's 4th Annual Take Cover


Take Cover is Hear Nebraska's annual concert fundraiser featuring 15 of Nebraska's most talented songwriters.

We ask each musician to play two songs: one original and one cover by another Nebraska artist of their choice. The result is a batch of reimagined, recontextualized and reinterpreted local favorites.

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Eli Mardock

Aaron Parker (Gordon)

Spencer McCoy and Cole Keeton (blét)

Tim Carr and Joe Humpal (Universe Contest)

Günter Voelker (Jack Hotel)

Cortney Kirby (FREAKABOUT)

Dylan Bloom (Dylan Bloom Band)


Rachel Tomlinson Dick (Hers, Manic Pixie Dream Girls, Miniature Horse)

Mike and Kerry Semrad (The Bottle Tops)

Chanty Stovall (Producers of the Word)

Gerardo Meza (Mezcal Brothers)

Max Holmquist (Oquoa)


Zachary Watkins and Ishma Valenti (AZP)

Mary Lawson (Xion)

$8 at the door.

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The Waiting Room

402- 884-5353

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