Heart Breaker

Jacob Christoffersen 98 views

Get over it, cause they already have. Who needs love anyway, isn’t it all about variety these days? Enough with the old-fashioned BS. Chocolates? Roses? We’re about to puke.


If you thought he/she was the one and they ended up being full of sh*t, then join the club. Everyone loves to play games and mess with your mind for their own sick, perverted pleasure. Well guess what? We’re DONE. Done with the games, done caring about what he/she thinks… NO MORE MR. NICE GUY! Because as we’ve found out time and time again, nice guys (and girls) will always finish last.


F*ck Valentines Day. Its time for Ladies Night Heartbreak Edition!

Its all about being single, free and ready to mingle! Join us this Friday for a night of debauchery and fun with our Ladies Night-Heartbreak edition!  Open bar 9-10pm and free shots at midnight for ladies 21 and over on the main floor!



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