HIDE w/ Plack Blague at The Bourbon

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The Bourbon Theatre presents...

HIDE w/ Plack Blague, BIB, CBN

Doors: 9 p.m. || Show: 10 p.m.

$7: 21 and up || $9: 18 and up

Chicago duo HIDE is the artistic collaboration between visual artist Heather Gabel and musician Seth Sher. HIDE creates aggressive and sparse haunting music that empowers as it punishes. HIDE's name and visual aesthetic also reflects their ideology of personal autonomy as performers/humans in a world of moral judgement and surveillance. Showcasing top-notch production values and a seamless visual aesthetic, their immersive sound draws the listener into a trance state with dense, throbbing dirges. Their themes and presentation confront power dynamics and their relation to personal ideas about gender identity/fluidity.

Bourbon Theatre

The Bourbon Theatre is located inside a completely remodeled 1920 movie theatre and has emerged as a music venue Lincoln, Nebraska...