High Up & M34n Str33t with Lineman's Rodeo

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High Up & M34n Str33t

with Lineman's Rodeo

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High Up:

Indie rock inspired by classic soul. Endorsed by the Gifford park neighborhood association

M34n Str33t:

M34N STR33T is a Producer/Rapper/DJ tri-force bringing you sample based beats and rhymes from Midtown Omaha, Nebraska. We've got Conny Franko AKA Conchance on the mic, Haunted Gauntlet on the visuals/production/live beats, and DJ Really Real scratching on the wheels of steel. M34n Str33t music collages both vintage and modern soundscapes together with honest rap lyrics and use of turntables to create a fresh mutated hip hop sound that employs a wide range of musical influences from elements of oldies, doo wop, hip hop, punk rock, metal, drum & bass, pop music/culture, psychedelia and more. The band originated in 2011 and their debut album release "Mutants of Omaha" brought 18+ tracks to the public April 25th 2014. M34n Str33t was awarded Artist of the Year and Best Hip Hop by the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards in 2014. They are currently working on a couple followup releases for 2016.

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