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Holi is the festival of colors from India to welcome spring. It celebrates unity in diversity and promotes inclusion. Join us for an afternoon of friends, fun, music and a whole lotta love!

The event is free and open to the public.

Glenn Lewis (DJ Animale of the Bollywood Bash series fame) is our DJ for the event!

Everyone needs to RSVP HERE (select Going) to attend. This will ensure that we have enough colors available on the day of the event.

Color Sale: $2 for 1 pack OR $5 for 3 packs


Q- I'm new to Holi - what is it all about?

A- Well, apart from it being great fun to throw colors at your friends, Holi has a deep rooted cultural significance for the people of India. Follow this link to learn more. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holi

You are going to get colored up, down, left, right and center. So please wear old or disposable clothes and footwear to the event. And leave those expensive watches (and sunglasses and jewelry) back at home. Get a ZipLock bag, to carry your phone, camera and money during the event. Do carry some cash if you want to buy more color.

Q- What colors are used?

A- We have seven assorted colors (violet, green, red, yellow, pink, orange and light blue) in 100 gram bags. Corn starch, permissible food grade and/or cosmetic grade dyes, & fragrance.

Q- Will there be a place to keep my valuables?

A- No. ISA cannot take on the responsibility of safe-keeping valuables. We suggest you either leave them in your car or home.

Q- Will I be allowed to bring my own water guns?

A- Yes, feel free to bring them along.

Q-How do I prepare for the event?

A- Applying oil to your hair is suggested especially if you have light-colored hair. Wear your hair in a ponytail and/or a bandana. Dust off as much color as possible before using any water after the event to avoid staining.

Sunglasses or other eye-wear can help keep color from irritating your eyes.

White t-shirts are suggested as they look best colored!

For those who might be interested in charitable contributions or volunteer work for the organization, we'll be posting information on that soon.

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