Holophonics (TX) w/The Bishops & Mad Dog and the 2020s

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The Holophonics were founded in the Fall of 2012 in Denton, TX by a group of music students at the University of North Texas. They longed for a simpler time - a time when MTV played music videos, a time when talentless garage rockers would get million dollar contracts thrown at them from record execs, and most importantly: a time when SKA ruled the airwaves sort of. Yes, it is the mission of The Holophonics to keep the dream of the 90s alive with the power of Third Wave Ska.

As a DIY ska punk band, The Holophonics have spent their first three years recording and touring at a breakneck pace. With 8 full-length albums, 3 EPs, and three national tours already under their belts, The Holophonics have no intention of slowing down. They've shared stages with luminaries of the genre such as The Toasters, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Supervillains, The Interrupters, Through The Roots, and The Fully Fullwood Band.

As a cover band, The Holophonics offer entertainment for all ages, taking pop and rock songs both current and classic and giving them a full ska and reggae makeover. They have performed for numerous bars, clubs, and public events around the country, as well as being a featured cover band at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. All music is available from every major digital music distributor.




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