Holy White Hounds with Rock Paper Dynamite

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The grinding beat-infused cadre that is the Holy White Hounds started in late 2013 between long time friends Brenton Dean (vocals, guitar) and Ambrose Lupercal (bass). Having played in various projects across the mid-west, the two longtime friends sat down to create something urgent, novel and infectious. After demoing various songs and lineups, the duo approached Producer Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons, Radio Moscow, Envy Corps) and began to flesh out the framework for what would become the Holy White Hounds.

When asked why the band named themselves Holy White Hounds, Dean quickly responds with "We're dirty but we're not unclean. We're mangy but you'd still let us sleep in your bed." Their music honors that proverb.

Holy White Hounds released the 'Oh Mama' EP in 2013 featuring "Switchblade", "In Your Skin" and the titular track "Oh Mama". Their sound you ask; stripped and relentless beats under explosive guitars sparkled with polygonal, reflective and urgent lyrics; true rock n' roll. Their songwriting parades fortitude from the synth heavy Beck/Queens of The Stone Age influenced 'Switchblade', in which Dean paints a lyrical portrait over a bass and drum groove that builds into a volatile bridge of transient guitars and rips you into space and brings you back to earth in 4 minutes and 26 seconds flat. To the Sabbath-esque gut punch that is "In Your Skin"; a drive of gnarly fuzz guitars, which begs the concept that often the worst parts of a situation are the most beautiful. The poignant Nirvana-esque poetry that seeps from "Oh Mama " grounds the Holy White Hounds and expands their sound to include a plethora of stripped down and grinding rock 'n roll.

Being greeted by a host of favorable reviews and after a warm initial mid-west reception the two knew they needed to start building their herd to defend, their lambs, their fans. Recruiting drummer Seth Luloff and guitarist James Manson, they took Holy White Hounds on the road and immediately saw them performing live with Cage the Elephant, Sick Puppies, Cake, Wavves, Surfer Blood and Rob Zombie. Local rock radio station KAZR/The Lazer, has embraced the band with radio support and has them performing at their LazerFest in May 2015 in front of thousands. They are in the studio with Darner finishing what will eventually become their debut LP. Holy White Hounds are now busy regionally touring - changing and instigating the world one city at a time.

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