HONEYHONEY with Ozark Hutch

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Perhaps sometime in the early 90's Ben Jaffe and Suzanne Santopassed each other on a turnpike or east coast beltway in transit on afamily road trip getaway. Perhaps their families stopped at the sameMaryland welcome center and 9 year old Ben and Suzanne stared at the samebag of cheezits in a vending machine, turned to each other and said "Hey homey, let's meet up in Los Angeles in ten years and start a folkband that will turn into a folk rock band that will turn into a fullthrottle rock all the way band."

Either way, the coalescence of HONEYHONEY has been nothing shortof a predetermined soul contract amongst two alien hybrids that came hereto spread sweet jams, inappropriate stage banter and insightfulbeliefs and thoughts via the clubs, festivals, theaters, internets, andJoe Rogan podcasts of the world.

Their menagerie of sounds covers many traditional genres rangingfrom blues/rock and folk, to hip hop and jungle cat, which can explain whythey've toured alongside the diverse likes of Sheryl Crow, James Morrison,Christina Perri, Trampled by Turtles, Xavier Rudd and Jake Bugg. They havea tendency to fit in everywhere from their performances for thebootyshort-wearing throngs of Coachella to the lawnchair-toting masses ofthe Newport Folk Festival. Their love for the music they create andtheir friendship in this life are like a sacred egg that continues to beincubated with the utmost tender care.

As they are in the middle of recording their third record, therumors of it's evolved eargasmic potential have been spreading like afungus that you won't want to get rid of. It has been said that youcan expect a twist on their previous album releases that brings them tothe level known as "ballin".

In their passionate endeavor to spread love and joy throughtheir tunes, the now 20 something year old Ben and Suzanne have honoredand appreciated their journey of rock thus far and will continue to do sountil the mothership calls them home.

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