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For the third year in a row, Omaha Hip-Hop will be heading to Austin, TX in March. Why do you ask? Only to be there during the largest music festival, of it's kind, in the WORLD! Every year thousands of artists, promoters, managers, and labels descend on the south to show off their talents, projects, creations, films, and to shake hands with those doing the same.

Jimmy Hooligan and Disorderly Conduct Music will be hosting the Infamous "Hooligan Showcase" at The Eastern on 6th St. on March 18th. Leading up to the big show, the opportunity is given to other artists to be a part of the "Hooligan Showcase, Austin."

Every year, an Omaha showcase is hosted to allow up-and-coming artists to be a part of the show. It has turned into one of the fastest growing independent Hip-Hop showcases in Austin for SXSW's Music Week. Every year, special guests from all over have come through to check out our great artists, great atmosphere, and free beer!

On January 22nd, we will host the annual "Hooligan Showcase, Omaha" at The Waiting Room. Any artist is welcome to register. Also, this event is open to the public to come vote for and cheer on the next artist headed to Austin.

There is limited availability as this showcase has been known to sell out. All registration is first come, first served!

If looking to register, email HOOLIGANSHOWCASE@gmail.com today!

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