Idlefox // Jerkagram // Unmanned

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Idlefox (Omaha)

Jerkagram (Los Angeles)

Jerkagram is a fraternal twin duo which unfurls a chaotic psychedelic whirlwind at one time and a minimalist ambient wash at another. Their creative repetitions, layered guitar textures, and unhinged drum patterns allow for an organic, hypnotic, and epic experience, and their influences range from free jazz to heavy punk to kraut/psych rock to noise to pop. Live, they have boundless energy and force and their songs are always morphing so that no two live shows are ever the same.

Unmanned (Lincoln)


$5 at the door

All ages

Enter through the back patio

Milk Run


A spot that we could run with consistent standard, a space that put music in the forefront of its mission and one that would be an...