Intents Music Festival 2017

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Intents Music and Camping Festival 2017 is all about live music, local artists, good intentions, and 2 nights of camping! This is the first year of Intents Fest and we cannot wait to spend the weekend before Independence Day with all of YOU!!

Bring your TENT, bring your INTENSITY, and share your INTENTIONS at the first annual INTENTS FESTIVAL!! Coming together as a group of people is the best way to share information and knowledge with each other, and it's the ONLY way we can create a better future for ourselves and our precious planet Earth. The music and the art is the reason we all come together for a weekend, but what we each take away from this event has the power to change our society and our world!

The first band will take the stage at 6pm Friday, June 30th. We will have music until 2am Friday night and begin again Saturday, July 1st at noon! Intents Fest will feature approximately 18 live music artists, spanning many genres including rock, jazz, blues, fusion, jam, electronic, bluegrass, and more! We will also be showcasing local artists who create paintings, drawings, and clothing! If you are interested in showcasing some of your art, or would like to be a vendor, comment below and we will contact you.

Here is the list of bands we have booked SO FAR, in no particular order:

MAIN STAGE (until 11pm):

3 Son Green

Doom Lagoon

Soul Tree


Clark & Company

The Beat Seekers


The Way Out

Jacob Philips Trio

CAMPGROUND STAGE (after 11pm):

Spongecake and the Fluff Ramblers


Grass Bandit

Dirty River Ramblers


We are lucky enough to have this festival at the lovely RiverWest Park on 233rd and Maple St.

Friday, June 30 - Saturday, July 1

18+ only

21+ BYOB (no glass)


Presale tickets coming soon!

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Let's get INTENTS!!

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